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          1. 2021-04-11
            CHINAPLAS 2021 is on! —Huare meets you at booth 12P21!

            "CHINAPLAS 2021 International Rubber and Plastic Exhibition" (referred to as "Adsale Exhibition") will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 13-16! One year later, Ningbo Huare Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. will meet you again at Chinaplas 2021!

            Booth number: 12P21

            In this exhibition, Huare will bring HZSH600-1000F/DZS high-performance energy-saving heavy-duty grinder, HDL-180U-120F high-performance low-dew point drying and dehumidification feeding combination, HMC-9HT oil-type 300-degree high-temperature mold temperature machine and other products Make a wonderful appearance at the exhibition! Please come to the booth for communication.

            1. Exhibited products

            1、HZSH600-1000F/DZS High-performance energy-saving heavy-duty crusher

            Energy-Saving Device For Granulator:

            Based on three-phase sampling and quick response, using thyristor output, upgrading and replacing the conventional electric control system of crusher, with high-performance soft start, effective energy saving.

            Special Features:

            a.Super dynamic soft start with load

            b.Great energy saving;

            c.Adaptive balance 3-Phase voltage and current

            d.Optimize magnetic field,Improve electromagnetic conversion efficiency

            e.Reduce heat loss and temperature rise,Improve operation quality

            f.lmprove motor power factor and efficiency

            g.Prolong motor service life

            h.Real time load tracking

            i.Steady control and high reliability

            2、High performance and low dew point dehumidification, drying and feeding combination HDL-180U-120F/UP

            Special Features:

            a.Imported dehumidification honeycomb wheel device can provide stable -40° below dew point dry wind.

            b.Standard configuration high resolution touch screen controller, good human-computer interaction and convenient operation.

            c.Using PID temperature control, can accurately and effectively control the drying and regeneration temperature.

            d.All-stainless steel double-layer thermal insulation material barrel, down blowing pipe design, can effectively reduce the heat loss and improve the drying efficiency.

            e.Fully enclosed feeding system + cut-off suction box, can avoid the re-moisture of raw materials after drying.

            f.It has the functions of drying over-temperature, regeneration over-temperature, motor overload, reverse phase & lack phase protection, and cooling temperature and return air temperature display.

            g.Integrate Dehumidifying & Drying & Two-stage feeding Three in One.

            Optional Projects:

            Dew point meter, HLINK networking function, Three-stage feeding and one-to-two function can be optional.

            3、HMC-9HT oil type 300 degree high temperature mold temperature machine

            Special Features:

            a.Adopting a special LCD display microcomputer controller for mold temperature, intuitive display, simple operation, stable performance and perfect functions;

            b.Dual PID fuzzy control algorithm, high-precision adjustment of medium temperature, temperature control accuracy: ±1 degree;

            c.The abnormal fault warning is accurate and direct, the LCD panel outputs the warning text, and the buzzer reminds the user;

            c.The electrical distribution box adopts isolation design, good heat dissipation;

            d.Reasonable structure, convenient maintenance, easy installation and easy operation;

            e.HT series use SPECK magnetic drive high temperature pump, high temperature resistance, high pressure and stable performance;

            f. HT series standard configuration pump overload, reverse phase lack protection, lack of oil protection, over temperature protection.

            g.Multiple safety protections such as overpressure protection to ensure safe and reliable use;

            Optional: multi-port shunt tube, pressure display, temperature display of return medium, HLINK networking function, high-resolution touch screen man-machine interface and other requirements;

            2. Company Introduction

            Huare Machinery is a high-tech enterprise located in Ningbo. It was established in 1998. It is a full-series injection molding auxiliary machine head enterprise integrating design, manufacturing and sales.

            As an early research and development and specialized manufacturing of injection molding auxiliary machines in China, more than 20 years of struggle have allowed us to have our own brand "Huare" and trademarks, with independent intellectual property rights, and in the cold and heat temperature control-dehumidification drying-conveying mixing -Crushing and shredding -Centralized feeding -Centralized water supply and other major product modules maintain a leading position. More than a dozen series and hundreds of product specifications, various professional system configuration schemes, can meet the individualized and diversified needs of customers.

            In recent years, Huare has been committed to improving the informatization and automation level of auxiliary machinery and auxiliary systems. Including mold temperature controllers, chillers, dehumidifiers, dryers and feeders that promote the HLink networking function, realize Modbus RTU networking communication with injection molding machines, and reduce information islands in injection molding workshops through interconnection between equipment. Improve the information level of the centralized feeding system, and realize that it can provide the enterprise's ERP or MES with shared data information including raw material storage, raw material processing, material selection control, transportation switching, feeding status, alarm history, etc.

            Huare Machinery has been deeply involved in the injection molding auxiliary machine industry for more than 20 years, focusing on the automation of injection molding auxiliary machines, and tailoring various centralized auxiliary system solutions for users. Adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, mutual benefit, and transcendence", we are committed to becoming an influential brand in the rubber and plastic auxiliary industry.

            Welcome all colleagues in the industry to participate in the 2021 China International Injection Molding Industry Intelligence Summit Forum for exchanges and cooperation!

            All walks of life are welcome to visit the Huare booth in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on April 13-16, 2021. We are waiting for your arrival!

            ◎Exhibition information
            Date: April 13-16, 2021
            Venue: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

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